Press Releases | « Facilities within the PPP project in Yakutia are built ahead of schedule


In the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the construction of 12 social infrastructure facilities continues as part of a large-scale public-private partnership project of RISE Capital. Despite the fact that it is not the most favorable weather conditions with temperatures below -40 degrees, most construction sites are ahead of schedule.

The project provides for the creation of five kindergartens, four schools, a culture and contemporary art center, a school of arts and a library. Seven institutions of the first stage should be commissioned in the next year, the remaining five in 2019. At the same time, the creation of some facilities can be completed before the stipulated dates. As of today, concrete and reinforcement work has been completed by 90% at the facilities of the first and second stages. With the advance of the graphs, the masonry of external walls and internal partitions is conducted. The total volume of completed works is about 4,000 cubic meters of 5,800 envisaged. At the same time, engineering networks are being installed. At several sites, builders have started installing window blocks, and at “Айыы Кыhата” national school and “Ivushka” kindergarten the facades were insulated. Works are carried out simultaneously on all construction sites, they involve about 50 units of equipment and more than 450 specialists.

Within the framework of the project, the private partner provides design, construction, equipping and landscaping of 12 sites, and later takes on the liabilities and expenses for the purposeful operation of buildings until the end of 2026. After this period all facilities will be transferred to the region. 1,310 new places in kindergartens and 1,620 new places in schools will be created, and a new educational base will be developed in the capital of the republic, meeting the most up-to-date requirements and standards. When building social facilities, the most advanced technologies that take into account the climatic features of the region are used. All of them will be equipped with energy-saving equipment, fire-extinguishing systems, special furniture, and multimedia equipment.