Press Releases | « RISE Capital Managing Director takes part in expert sessions on the PPP mechanism at MGIMO


From 23 to 27 October, the Russian PPP Institute, with the support of the National PPP Centre, implemented an advanced training programme at MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The event was held for managers and specialists working in regional agencies and local governments, development corporations and PPP development centres, responsible for the implementation of PPP projects and corresponding legal and regulatory support. At the invitation of the organisers, RISE Capital Managing Director Ruslan Sigeda was a lecturer at the event.

The course included more than 20 expert sessions, master classes and business games devoted to the development of PPP mechanisms, its various forms, boxed solutions and regulations. The speakers also included representatives of Russia’s leading financial institutions, consultancy companies, and regional administrations.

Ruslan Sigeda conducted presentations at two expert sessions: “The application of PPP mechanisms in the Russian Federation” and “Technical aspects of the implementation of PPP projects in the social, transport and communal areas”. He talked about the existing problems and limitations of PPP projects in Russia, how they can be solved, and elaborated on issues related to feasibility studies in the transport sector. On the example of specific projects, the RISE Capital Managing Director shared his experience in identifying key elements of concession and PPP agreements, and calculating direct and indirect effects.