Investment Group

RISE Capital Investment Group is the responsible investor in complex infrastructural projects realized on public-private partnership principles. RISE Capital is a financial investment group with headquarters in Stockholm. Swedish and foreign subsidiaries are part of the Group. 

The mission of RISE Capital is the attraction of private capital for the purpose of resolving strategic state tasks on federal and regional levels through implementing best international practices in the PPP sphere.

The Group’s portfolio currently includes large-scale projects in several regions of the world, which involve the creation of social and infrastructural facilities realized in the context of public-private partnership. The total amount of investments in the projects exceeds USD1.7 billion.

RISE Capital uses proprietary investment resources, and interacts with European and Asian institutional investors on financing issues. Group’s experts provide consulting support to the federal and regional authorities in preparing and structuring major projects. Among the partners of RISE Capital are international credit and finance institutions, construction holdings, federal agencies.

In June 2015, Nekton, one of the leading international investment companies, has become one of the shareholders of RISE Capital. Head of the company and well-known entrepreneur Gerard Lopez has joined the Group’s top management, having become the Chairman of the Board of Directors.