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USD 509 million road concession awarded in Chile

Official Gazette in Chile published a decree awarding the Route 5 Los Vilos-La Serena + Conurgación section road project in Coquimbo region to Sacyr Concesiones Chile SpA. The road has a total length of 245 km and contemplates the incorporation of tele-toll gates in the inter-city section.

The project involves an investment of approximately USD 509 million, with a maximum variable term of 30 years.

The initiative is located in the Coquimbo Region and has a total length of 245 km. It begins north of Los Vilos (km 229.1) and ends in its interurban section south of Coquimbo (km 457.75) and next to it has an urban stretch of 16 km, which joins Coquimbo and La Serena, which ends at the height of the intersection with Brasil Street, joining the Concession of the Route 5 La Serena-Vallenar Section.

The new concession considers the maintenance and operation of the Los Vilos-La Serena section of Route 5 North, as well as improvement works along its route, such as new crossings, improvements to existing pedestrian walkways and construction of new walkways, incorporation of security measures such as anti-vandalism meshes, truck parking areas with dangerous cargo, new service areas and improvement of existing ones and landscaping. This inter-urban section will feature tele-toll gates, as well as manual booths.

In the case of the conurbation, the project proposes three-lane express roads in each direction without traffic lights, pedestrian walkways, overpasses, and considering near 14 km of bike paths. This urban area will not have associated tolls.